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//us idiots and morons

Apparently, two files containing Microsoft’s win2k source code have been leaked and are being spread over p2p networks. Now, clearly Microsoft doesn’t want it’s code to be looked at for all the obvious reasons but ut in this case, there are rather funny bits in there that are quite a bit impressing.

If you’re not familiar with programming, I should explain that programmers often include  some ‘comments’ in their code which explains that a bit of their code and is used for future references. these comments in begin with a indicator such as “//” which tells the compiler that this is plain text and is not considered a part of the code.  Now Microsoft developers seem to be quite sure that their code is not viewed by anyone. here’s a few examples:

There are also various references to idiots and morons, some external, some within Microsoft. The file private\ntos\rtl\heap.c, which dates from 1989, tells us

// The specific idiot in this case is Office95, which likes
// to free a random pointer when you start Word95 from a desktop
// shortcut.

The file private\ntos\w32\ntuser\kernel\swp.c from 11-Jul-1991 points at

* for idiots like MS-Access 2.0 who SetWindowPos( SWP_BOZO
* and blow away themselves on the shell, then lets
* just ignore their plea to be removed from the tray

Morons also abound, as in this selection

// we are such morons. Wiz97 underwent a redesign between IE4 and IE5private\shell\ext\ftp\ftpdrop.cpp:
We have to do this only because Exchange is a moron.

// We are morons. We changed the IDeskTray interface between IE4

// should be fixed in the apps themselves. Morons!

Embarrassing isn’t it?! For more examples and info hit here.

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