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Car Information System

Car Informatic System (CIS) is an open source project I did as my final year project for my BEng degree. CIS provides the essential tools for tracking and monitoring vehicles. CIS allows access to Engine Control Unit (ECU) using OBD-II platform and also vehicle’s current position using GPS. This information can then be sent to a web server over a GPRS link or stored on a USB memory stick. A RFID reader is used to provide authentication and audio in-out ports are available in order to make phone calls if needed.

A website is developed which receives the information and stores them in a database and then presents them in various ways using maps, graphs, tables etc.

An iOS application is also developed which allows accessing the information on the go.

The goal of this project is not to make a product but to provide a platform that others can adopt and fine tune for their specific use. Various hardware components were studied in order to find a cheap but stable solution. The embedded, web, and mobile codes are well documented and anyone with basic electronic and programming knowledge can easily understand and weak CIS to match their requirements.

CIS can potentially be used to track stolen vehicles, monitor driving behaviour for delivery vehicles, Monitor engine’s performance for maintenance purposes, etc.

More detail and source code on this project will be published on HTMLTypewriter in the following weeks.

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