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I’ve been working at a well known company since July as a summer intern writing a robust web portal that is going to serve 1300 of other companies we deal with world wide.

When I started I was told to use a WAMP stack but then within few days their requirements changed to Microsoft .NET and I hadn’t even touched it before apart from a minor experiment I recently did with the Kinect SDK. And to be honest being a  fan of the big G and open source I didn’t even want to try Microsoft’s package but then I had to.

Long story short, I started with .NET framework and Visual Studio 2010 Web Developer Edition just over a month ago and I have to admit it is actually one the best and most pleasant coding environments I’ve used. A very logical approach to OOP and the brilliance of ASP.NET controls made it really easy for me to pick it up.

I am now convinced enough to continue using and learning  .NET technologies.

Since the task I’m supposed to finish (by a slightly unfair deadline) involves a lot (and I mean it, a lot) of different aspects of it so far and I have to learn so fast that sometimes I forget what I knew yesterday, I decided to share important things I learn here. To help beginners like myself and for my own reference in the future.

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